Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Music Industry Mondays...I won!!!

So this Monday my ride-or-die sends me this craigslist ad about an 'industry open mic' that was supposed to have some 'industry personnel' in the house, giving you the opportunity to win a radio interview and a feature at none other than the legendary Sullivan Hall. Now, I hate ambiguity so naturally my initial instinct was to pass on this random ad. After a second, and better, thought I decided to go. So I picked up my ride-or-die, my guitar and my tired voice and headed out to the Village.

Needless to say they had everyone from 'Eminem' to the 'Jonas Brothers' represented out there. FYI The 'Jonas Bros" band, Vasudevanj, was crazy dope and out guessed it...BK All Daaaayy!!!! You can find them on myspace For the majority of the night my ears were honestly offended but, its all love. It takes courage to even get up there and share your 'art' with the world so, by all means. So with a jaded spirit after the auditory assault I received, I went up and performed "Survival" and "Beauty" off of my album "Edson Sean" available at reverbnation. After hours of waiting to hear the result, I was told I would find out the winner...VIA FACEBOOK!!!! Smh. Long story short...I WON!!! So any up and coming artist/musician that would like to get a chance to perform at the legendary Sullivan Hall, head out to this open mic every Monday.

So stay tuned to find out when my featured performance is. The where will be at Sullivan Hall. I'm signing off...same Blaize time same Blaize channel.

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